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Would You Prefer $100 or a Slap in the Face?

That is a pretty easy question to answer. The vast majority of people would take the $100. There are a few crazies out there that would take the slap in the face :)

All this principle means is that we are going to make the Positive Behaviour very fun and exciting to do and put a Consequence on the Negative Behaviour. This will help sway things in the right direction.

Example: Let’s say you have a dog that likes to jump for attention. The more you pet and reward a dog for sitting the more you will increase sitting. Some dogs still really like to jump regardless. If a consequence happens for jumping (people may stick a knee out, squeeze the dogs paws or a squirt of bitter apple to the mouth). So if the dog jumps and they receive a consequence but are highly rewarded for sitting the dog will quickly prefer sitting to get what they want since there is a consequence for jumping.