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Why Are There So Many Opinions and Differences in Dog Training?

Who is right and who is wrong?

This is a common question. The simple answer is everyone is right at certain points. We are all human and make mistakes so there are times when we could be slightly wrong or completely wrong.

Opposing sides can also be right at the exact same time since there are multiple ways to train different behaviours.

Why the opposing sides?

For this question we need to look at humans in general. We tend to pick sides as in which team you are on. To start if we don’t know anything and are taught by one person we would tend to be in align with their side and thinking. If we study different methods we will tend to align with sides that are in sync with our values.

When we do pick a side we tend to think if we are right the other must be wrong. We win the other side loses.

Things aren’t so black and white with training dogs. There is a lot of in between and double coverage area.

It is difficult to be unbiased. We know humans can accomplish amazing things if we just cooperate. We hope to see more cooperation in the future.

Next point of argument: Pack Structure - Does it exist or not?