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Premack Principle

People use this technique all the time but often don’t know the name of it.

Premack Principle helps a dog to overcome fears and helps prevent fears by associating good things with something the dog has never encountered before.

Example: A dog with booties on for the first time, they often don’t like the booties. If you were to take that dog’s favorite treat and feed the dog treats while the booties are on, they can associate good things with booties.

Example: Loud Noises - Let’s say your dog doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner. You can record the sound of your vacuum cleaner and play it back on your stereo at a quiet level (A to B Rule) and do something your dog really enjoys. This can be working for Food, Toys or Attention. As your dog does good with the sound you can then begin to turn the volume up. This can really work well to help desensitize your dog to any noise.

This is a Core Rule we use. You can see more information on Premack Principle under the Core Rules Section.