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Law of Diversity

Everyone has different needs with their dogs. Some people want the spoiled dog, some want the tough dog, some want the well behaved dog and some want the lazy dog. Everyone has a different need and everyone will be happy about different things with their dog. We can't always push our needs or style onto someone else. People have to be receptive and have to see the need to change before they will. You will always encounter people who appear to be outside of the norm and you must respect their desires so long as they do not affect anyone else negatively i.e. If a dog runs free and attacks other dogs and the owner is ok with that it still affects other people. The dog should be trained to be under control and not attack other dogs.

Since the beginning of humanity people have been trying to argue their side. As long as there are people, there will be diversity. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see it from their point of view.

Be respectful of others. If people get frustrated with you and your dog you can look at ways to train your dog better. If you notice someone else with a problem dog you can offer suggestions on ways to help out if they seem receptive.

Remember, people don’t like to be criticized. The more you argue with someone the more they will maintain their standing. If you feel like yelling at someone, don’t. Wait to cool down and then go and talk to that person in a friendly way to help out.

We ourselves avoid areas where we are likely to come across people who have differing opinions in which we feel their dogs will cause a negative impact on our dogs. This is why we are creating this website. It is to help unite people and understand the other person’s point of view since their will always be Diversity and Opposition.

If you feel your way is best then research it and research the other viewpoint. See if you can find a way to have all sides happy. People and dogs like to learn in fun and exciting ways. No one likes a mean, ruthless teacher but people do respect teachers that are firm and fair.