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Getting a Dog

Getting a dog is a big commitment. There are a few things that you can do to help ensure you get a dog that is well suited to you and your lifestyle.

Picking the wrong kind of dog for you and your lifestyle can create a tremendous amount of headaches.

Define Headaches (in terms of dog training) - Thousands of dollars worth of items destroyed in your home. Excessive barking resulting in fines or evictions, aggression to dogs, people or other animals resulting in fines and vet bills in the thousands of dollars range. Peeing or pooping in the house resulting in ruined carpet, furniture and beds. People no longer wanting to visit you because of your dog.

We have worked with each of these cases on multiple occasions.

Spending a little extra time in research before getting a dog can make a world of difference in your happiness.

These are the things to review first:

  1. Is a dog right for me?

  2. Choosing a dog.

  3. Where to get a dog.

  4. How to prepare for a dog.