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The Bed command is very similar to the Climb command and is taught exactly the same way.

1. Lure the dog to their bed with a kibble and praise when they get there.

2. Say “Free” and lure away from the bed and reward.

3. Repeat over and over again.

4. Then one step further at a time try casting the dog to their “place”.  You may need to use a long line or leash to direct them to their bed.

Some dogs may be 100% with the Bed command after doing the training mentioned above. Often high level Betas and Alphas won’t want to follow through and will ignore the command unless bribed. You can use the following steps to help out with those dogs.

To really proof this command you will:

1. Follow all of the previous steps.

2. Properly introduce a remote training collar (have on for a few days before ever using and use for recall training first). Take a look at the article on Recall for how to properly introduce a Remote Training Collar.

3. Find the right setting on your Dogtra Remote Trainer that is the perfect level for your dog to motivate them but not hurt them.

4. Follow this chain of command:

a. “Bed” – if yes then praise, if not then:

b. “No” – if yes then praise, if not then:

c. “Bed” and correction with remote – if yes then praise if not then:

d. “Bed” and help with the long line then praise.

5. Repeat that over and over and practice from further and further away.

6. Then increase distractions.

We find this takes a couple of weeks to proof up to what most people would consider very good.  Then from there you can add new distractions to your hearts content and keep enhancing their skill with this command.  Remember to not over correct your dog and help them out if they seem like they don’t understand. The idea isn’t to make them yelp or stress them out. It is to teach them that when you give a command you expect them to follow through on it regardless of reward or incentive.