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I am your regular everyday person with a wife and son. I started my dog training career in 2006. I, like many people, was quite confused about all the different methods of training dogs. There the conquest to learn about all the different methods began.

One thing that helped me with my clients and their dogs was that I am pretty bad at learning anything. Am I naturally good at anything? Nope. It takes me quite a while to become proficient at anything. I have a gift for being able to find all the ways to do things wrong.

The upside to this is that once I figure out all the ways to do something wrong I then figure out how to do them right and what the differences are. Therefore I have learned to break things down into really small steps. This is one thing I share in common with dogs is that many dogs prefer little steps to gain an understanding of what we want from them.

Am I an amazing dog trainer? I wouldn’t say so. There are some extremely skilled dog trainers out there. Over the years I have found that just because someone is quite skilled at something, doesn’t mean they are good at teaching it to others. I always had the best luck with teachers that weren’t naturally good at the subject they taught as they knew how to break it down into small steps.

I also like it when people get along. I love watching and being a part of teamwork. The dog training world seems pretty divided, so much so that I am a little afraid to mention anything about dog training to people I don’t know. You never know how opinionated they are to one side.

It would make me quite happy to see the opposing sides cooperate a little more. Over the years of training it seems to become more divided, not less. So we decided to spear head this project in attempts to get the opposing sides to work together cooperatively. We were also hoping it would help stop the confusion among the public as to what to do when training a dog.

The Struggles

If you were to ask people I grew up with if I was articulate, well-spoken and politically correct, you may find them rolling on the floor laughing. So how do you launch a project like this when you can offend someone quite badly without even knowing you did so?

I have known this information about dog training for years and wanted to share it. First I had to learn how to word things better, a lot better. Over the years, every now and then, I would offend someone quite badly and be pretty upset I did as that wasn’t my intention. I would ask my wife what I said wrong and she would tell me, although you were correct, this is how you could say it nicely.

Unlike me, my wife is very smart. She graduated at the top of her University class, has the best memory of anyone I know, is very well spoken and catches onto things very quickly. As an example we had a roommate in Engineering and he was struggling with an Engineering math class. He asked my wife for help and she said I have never learned that subject but we will see what I can do. She looked over the examples and read the information and in 30 minutes she was tutoring him on Engineering math.

Why I got lucky enough to end up with her, the world will never know.

She has helped “refine” me over the years. Hopefully I have learned enough on how to word things nicely. If you are offended by any of the articles I have written, that wasn’t my intention, I was just trying to be helpful.

Giving Back to the World

I would love to be able to contribute something great to the world, leave the world a better place than I entered. If I could help people for free and still be able to pay the bills that would be awesome.

Thank you for checking out the site. Your support is greatly appreciated!